News From Rain Shadow Country

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Author: Tim Wheeler


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“News From Rain Shadow Country” is a collection of writings by Tim Wheeler from his years as a writer and editor. First at the Worker. then at the Daily World and finally People’s World newspapers. The present collection features much semi biographical material focusing on his experiences as a child and youth growing up on a dairy farm in Sequim, Washington. Wheeler’s family had first taken up farming during the infamous “witch hunt” period of the late 1940’s / early 1950’s but, eventually triumphed over fear and hatred. As Wheeler reports, the family was eventually welcomed and befriended by their neighbors and were hosts to such luminaries as the famed folk singer, Pete Seeger.

This new book also includes Wheeler’s coverage of the trials and tribulations of other farmers and workers of the region. He also writes extensively about the regions Native tribes and their defense of their sovereignty and treaty rights. Throughout he is governed by the Marxist principal that all working people must unite to be successful in their struggles with the exploiting class and the extreme right wing. Tim’s motto was and is, “People and Nature Before Profits”


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