News for the 99%, Vol 1

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A compilation of news articles written for the Worker, Daily World, People’s World, and Peoples Weekly World over the last 50 years of the 201th Century representing a kind of history of the nation and the world from a working persons point of view.

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This book is not, strictly speaking, a memoir but rather is a compilation of some 10,000 news articles penned by Tim Wheeler over the course of the last half of the 20th century. In pulling together this compilation, Wheeler mined research libraries across the country. Originally written on assignment for the Worker, Daily World, People’s World and People’s Weekly World, his articles represent a history of our nation and of the world from Wheeler’s progressive point of view.

More than just a compilation of articles, however, the book represents a documentation of Wheeler’s life’s journey, at least in relation to his reporting, and includes little personal gems, like his impressions of various public figures and other reporters. All in all, this book is required reading for anyone who wants to get a view of things from a working persons perspective – a perspective that is so sadly lacking today.

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2 reviews for News for the 99%, Vol 1

  1. Gary Bono

    News for the 99% is must reading for anyone who is part of the resistance in the age of Trump and looking to build unity for workers’ rights, human rights, peace and socialism. Tim Wheeler not only brought to national attention the struggles of working-class people from miners to teachers to civil rights workers by telling their stories in the pages of the People’s World — Tim helped make that history, never hesitating to take a stand in the class struggle even when it meant putting himself in harm’s way. Tim’s compelling writing brings the reader in as if they were at his side. A great work and a great
    compendium of timeless articles that bring history alive and offer lessons for today.
    — Joelle Fishman, Chair, Political Action Commission, Communist Party USA

  2. Gary Bono

    Tim’s reporting is powerful, immediate, often telling stories that were not reported elsewhere. I see and hear the voices of the people he wrote about. He was privileged to meet these folks and tell their stories while critical events were happening. It must have meant a lot to them that somebody listened to them and shared their voices.
    Dan Lynn Watt
    Author, “History Lessons: A Memoir of Growinbg Up in an American Communist Family.”

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