My Life as a Political Prisoner – The Rebel Girl Becomes “No. 11710”


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“Her sensitive, reasonably objective account of her prison experiences constitutes an eloquent call for long overdue prison reforms.” –Library Journal

“A thorough, and almost nonpolitical, view of what it’s like to be in a women’s prison these days.” –Village Voice

“Miss Flynn’s indictment of our present-day treatment of offenders is based on sound premises and reads loud and clear whatever color of political glasses the reader uses.” – The Social Worker, Ottawa

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Alderson is the Federal Women’s Reformatory in West Virginia. Nestled in a picturesque valley, it’s cottages present an aura of tranquility to the unknowing. For 28 months, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn “resided” there, incarcerated under the thought control Smith Act during the anti-communist Red Scare.

Here is the story of her life behind the peaceful facade.

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