Green Strategy

Author: Marc Brodine


A holistic approach to climate change and all our environmental problems.

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Green Strategy focuses on how to build a massive worldwide movement to create fundamental change, the only way to solve climate change and our environmental crises in general.

Addressing the fundamental problems of our time by linking environmental issues to other struggles, Green Strategy argues that allied social and political movements can transform our politics, our economy and protect our species.

Green Strategy explores:

  • The interwoven environmental problems caused by the imbalance between humanity and the natural world on which it depends.
  • The roots of our environmental crises in capitalism.
  • The lessons of past struggles such as the civil rights movement.
  • How to build the necessary coalitions and alliances with other movements.
  • Short-term and long-term goals for the environmental movement and allies.
  • A philosophical approach to environmental issues.


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