German Ideology

Author: Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels


This updated edition of the critique of post-Hegelian thought includes the first full statement of dialectical materialism. 168 pages.

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This new edition makes easily available the really living parts of this, the first exposition of the new revolutionary philosophy, written by Marx and Engels with all the freshness of a new discovery. It includes the vital first part of the book, which remains a basic text for every student of Marxism and also includes the most telling points, fully relevant today, of the polemics which occupy the rest of the work. Added as appendices are Marx’s famous theses on Feuerbach and his unfinished Introduction to a Critique of Political Economy, not previously published in English.

The present edition has been edited by C.J. Arthur, of the School of Social Studies at Sussex, England. In his introduction Arthur discusses the role played by the work in the evolution of Marxism.

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